The Client:

Suttons Group, a private family owned UK based Logistics Service Provider (3PL), specialise in bulk liquids both UK Domestically as well as globally. A turnover of c£130m and fleet of c6000 Tank containers and 500 road assets.

The Challenge needing a Solution:

The International Tank Container business was growing significantly both in geographical markets and industry sectors. It needed its Operational Procedures, Performance and Controls to be scaled for the growing business along with the Organisational structure & new leadership skills coached to the technically experienced senior team based in 14 offices globally.

The Solution Delivered:

Appointed as the Global Operations Director and immediately set about coaching and realigning expectation of senior team and the 120 staff globally. Driving up Job Margins, increasing recoverable costs from customers, and reducing maintenance costs. The adoption of Sales and Operations Planning and forecasting techniques improved fleet utilisation. Implemented improved performance management through regular review, Job Description and Objective setting.

Lessons Learnt :

In a global networked business standardisation of processes, structures and controls help significantly. With fragmented global offices and teams you have to work hard to get people to talk but is always worth the effort resulting in innovation and increased pace and energy.
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  • Fleet grew 35%+ over 3 years
  • Profit Margin up 66% in 3 Years
  • Utilisation up 3% worth £0.75m
  • 350 new Contract Tanks and 3 new fleets


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  • Standardised Organisation Design globally
  • New Hub office in Singapore
  • New performance culture and controls


To download of copy of this case study please click on the link: Download PDF

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