The Client:

RMC Group Plc, a FTSE 100 listed Building Materials business acquired by Mexican based NYSE listed CEMEX, the World’s 3rd largest cement manufacturer, in a $5.2bn deal, doubling the size of CEMEX. CEMEX instigated a comprehensive Post-Merger Integration and Functional Centralisation process.

The Challenge needing a Solution:

Twin challenges (1) a culturally and process challenged PMI and (2) the adoption of business wide fully integrated, single Supply Chain and Logistics function from a divisional, uncoordinated structure with a range of systems and processes under RMC, spread across 80 sites, 1200 staff & 900 trucks.

Lessons Learnt :

The systems and processes are the easy bit, the real challenge is the integration of the cultures and the unwritten rules and norms of the businesses. This only comes with openness, honesty, respect, trust and commitment.

The Solution Delivered :

Following a 3 month assignment to support the Due Diligence by CEMEX, under took a 9 month assignment as Post merger Integration Leader – Supply Chain and Logistics – UK. Jointly led a team of 30 implementing a comprehensive integration including new processes, systems, controls, performance culture and benefits / synergy projects. Responsible for carving out a new centrally structured and led Supply Chain and Logistics function, combining existing fragmented Cement, Aggregates, Asphalt, Building Products and Ready-mix capabilities and resources.
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  • Consolidated £170m functional budget
  • New Org Design for 1200 staff on 80 sites + 400 redundancies.


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  • 20 Projects – £8m of savings
  • New Systems and Processes
  • New performance culture and controls


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