The Client:

Rugby Cement, part of the FTSE 100 listed RMC Group plc a Cementicious manufacturer with a Turnover of £220m producing 3.5m tonnes of product from 4 Cement Kilns, 7 Import Terminals and 5 Fly Ash plants.

The Challenge needing a Solution:

The businesses supply chain was in crisis, 4 different demand forecasts, production producing what made sense to them, out of stock of critical items, overstocked on slow moving lines. This led to poor customer service, high distribution costs moving inventory around, stock supplemented by expensive overseas imports and critical plant maintenance disrupted. This resulted in poor margins & reduced profitability.

What the Client* says :

“I worked with Clive at Rugby Cement and am pleased to give him credit for the innovation and drive that he brought to his roles, including Programme Director, during my time there as MD.”

Stewart Davies – Managing Director

The Solution Delivered :

Designed and implemented comprehensive and robust Sales and Operations Planning process owned by the whole business.
Single detailed demand forecast reviewed, agreed and owned monthly by Board Team including Finance, Production, Sales and Logistics. Production scheduled and planned to satisfy demand. Distribution and inventory capacity optimised to maximise customer service levels and best value cost. Teams tasked with continuously improving to meet increasing targets.
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  • Forecast Accuracy improved from ±30 to ±5% in 6 months.
  • Distribution costs cut by 5%
  • Customer Service Improved


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  • Plant reliability improved through planned maintenance not being delayed.
  • Out of stock issues eliminated


To download of copy of this case study please click on the link: Download PDF

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