OMA has had direct experience in a number of sectors and industries. Much of the best practice, skills and experience learnt and developed in these sectors and industries are applicable in other similar sectors and industries e.g. cement manufacturing is aligned with glass making.
In offering Interim Management and Leadership solutions OMA is able to quickly transfer both management and leadership skills and experience, as well as technical knowledge, especially around similar supply chain and logistics challenges as well as core functional activity tool sets such as Talent Management, Performance, Continuous Improvement, KPI’s, Process Improvement, System Implementation, Post-Merger Integration

Building Materials

7 Years working in Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics in the Cement, Aggregates, Concrete, Ashpalt and Building Products industry. Teams of up to 1200, across 80 sites with 3000+ trucks, 7 rail wagons sets, barges, ports and terminals.
Typified by – Minerals Extraction, Bulk Raw Materials, Bulk and Packed Finished Goods, High Energy usage, Heavy Industrial Process, Continious and Batch Manufacturing
Similar Industries – Glass Industry, Steel Industry, Chemicals, Minerals Processing, Agricultural Bulk Grain

Brewing Industry

14 Years working in various Customer Service, Finance and Procurement role in the Brewing Industry. Capital Procurement of £30m p.a. of brewing equipment, vessels, bottling lines and Logistics equipment Trucks and Fork Lifts.
Typified by – Agricultural Bulk Raw Materials, Additives, Packed Finished Goods, Process Equipment, Batch Processing, Shelf life Products, Large Manufacturing Plants, Complex Logistics, High Street Deliveries.
Similar Industry – Bakery, Flour, Soft Drinks, Process Food Manufacturing, Wines and Spirits

Pubs and Restaurants

7 Years working in Pub and Restaurant Retail as Financial Analyst, Customer Service Manager, Facilities Manager and Procurement Manager. Retail business with 250+ large Pubs and Restaurants developing mini brands, Food concepts, Budgeting, Forecasting and Capital Investment Analysis
Typified by – High Street, B2C, Brands, Customer Service, Systems Rollouts
Similar Industries – Hotels, Hospitality, High Street Retail

Global Bulk Liquids and Gases Logistics

3 Years operating at director level of a global ISO Tank Container Logistics business with 6000+ container moving Bulk Liquids and Cases, most Hazardous across 6 continents. Customers included large “blue chip” chemical companies, operating there complex raw material and finished goods supply chains.
Typified by – Hazardous Goods, High Security, Chemicals, Multi-Modal, Containers, Competitive market, Freight Forwarding, Multi-Cultural, Global Travel, Fleet Management, Business Development.
Similar Industries – Freight Forwarding, Container Logistics, Third Party Logistics (3PL), Chemical, Food Logistics, Perishables